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The Ultimate Moving Checklist After Selling Your Home

So you’ve closed the deal on your house. Time to turn the page and channel your energy into a smooth relocation.  This comprehensive checklist equips you with a step-by-step approach to navigating the moving process efficiently, minimizing stress, and ensuring a seamless transition to your new home.

8 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Declutter and Downsize: Start by ruthlessly decluttering. Donate or sell unwanted items to lighten your moving load and start fresh in your new space.
  • Create a Moving Command Center: Dedicate a binder or online project management tool to track your moving progress. Include a detailed timeline, moving budget, important documents (closing paperwork, moving contracts), and a running inventory of your belongings.
  • Purge and Declutter: This is the time to ruthlessly downsize. Use the “Keep, Sell, Donate, Trash” method to sort through your belongings. Sell unwanted items online, donate gently used items, and dispose of anything broken or unusable. Decluttering not only lightens your moving load but also allows you to start fresh in your new home.
  • Schedule Movers: Research reputable moving companies and get quotes. Consider factors like insurance coverage, experience, and the type of service needed (full-service vs. self-service). Book your movers well in advance, especially during peak moving seasons.
  • Research Your New Location: Familiarize yourself with your new neighborhood. Explore nearby amenities, grocery stores, schools if applicable, and establish a sense of place before moving day.
  • Update Utilities and Accounts: Schedule for disconnection of utilities (electricity, gas, water, trash) at your old house and connection at your new one. Notify cable, internet, phone providers, and any subscription services of your change of address.
  • Forward Mail: File a change of address request with the post office well in advance. Consider a temporary forwarding service to ensure you don’t miss important mail during the transition.
  • Schedule Home and Carpet Cleaning: Ensure a sparkling clean home for the new owners by scheduling professional cleaning services for both your old and potentially your new home (depending on its condition).
  • Gather Medical Records: Request copies of your medical and dental records for yourself and any dependents. This ensures a smooth transition to healthcare providers in your new location.

4 Weeks Before Moving Day

Pack the Essentials: Create a designated box with everything you’ll need on moving day and the first few days in your new home.

  • Pack Strategically: Start packing in rooms you use least frequently and label boxes clearly for easy unpacking.
  • Schedule Appliance Disconnect: Schedule disconnection of appliances like washer/dryer and refrigerator at your old house.
  • Secure Important Documents: Gather and secure important documents like passports, birth certificates, and insurance policies for easy access during the move.

2 Weeks Before Moving Day:

  • Arrange Childcare and Pet Care: Schedule childcare and pet boarding (if needed) for moving day to minimize stress.
  • Prepare for the Walk-Through: If required by your closing agreement, prepare your old house for the final walk-through with the buyers.
  • Schedule Final Appointments: Schedule any final appointments needed before moving, like house cleaning or cable installation at your new home.
  • Update Registration: Update your driver’s license and vehicle registration with your new address.

1 Week Before Moving Day

  • Reconfirm Moving Details: Double-check details with your movers, including pick-up and drop-off times, costs, and insurance coverage.
  • Plan Your Meals: Use up perishables in your refrigerator and pantry to avoid wasting food.
  • Defrost Your Fridge: Defrost your refrigerator a day or two before moving to prevent damage during transport.

Moving Day

  • Do a Final Walkthrough: Before leaving your old house, do a final walkthrough to ensure nothing is left behind.

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